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Multi V1, '08 RCC Nat'l BISs, Can/UCI Nat'l/Int'l CH Hanbar Hendrix HIC


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Please help us welcome our new English import, Hanbar Hendrix or more fondly known as Jimmy.


Jimmy is a wonderful wee guy with beautiful structure and a very diverse pedigree including bloodlines

from the UK, Germany, New Zealand and Australia.


We have many things planned for Jimmy this year, so keep checking back to see what he's been up to!










Jimmy finishing his Championship under Francisco Chapa and handled

by Edgar Rojas at the OKC show, November 18, 2011

Jimmy was selectively shown and finished in just 8 days!!! 





Jimmy being awarded Winners Dog at the TIKO show under Patricia Lanctot August 20, 2011; handled by Chris Pollen.


Jimmy earned his UCI Int'l Championship at the IABCA show in Gananoque September 11 & 12, 2010



Jimmy relaxing at the cottage, Thanks Giving weekend.


Jimmy has attended two Sieger show; his critiques are as follows...


VV4 - 2008 - RCC Canadian National Sieger Show - Judge, Gerard O'Shea


11 months, middle size, compact, correct substance, middle bone, head form; broad skull, correct stop, full muzzle, sufficient width  under the eye, small ears correctly set, dark almond shaped eyes, very good lip line, scissors bite, double upper P1 both sides, well arched neck, very good withers and top line standing, excellent rib cage, normal fore chest for age, medium to good angulation throughout, balanced, good forehand, normal feet , correct coat, markings of good base colour but too sooty on forehand and dark overlay on face, tail a little high-set carried too much over the back, in movement; very good carriage, medium to good reach and drive.



SG4 - 2009 - SRC Sieger Show - Judge, Anton Spindler


Scissors bite, P1 upper right doubled, dark mouth pigmentation, medium in size, very good substance, alert, strong head with pronounced cheekbones, dark brown eyes, correct ears, broad back, correct angulated, strong muscled on rear end, short coat, brown markings sufficiently defined on feet, free movement, elbows partly loose whilst moving.






Our gorgeous boy Jimmy, seen here at 28 months.



Jimmy is shown at 10 months of age after winning Best in Sweepstakes at the

Rottweiler Club of Canada's National Specialty.


Jimmy is the second tailed Rottweiler in the history of the Breed to win this

title at an RCC event and both of these wins were by dogs we've owned!!!




The picture above was taken at the RCC Herding Clinic where Jimmy did a fantastic job displaying his natural

talents. The evaluator, Natalie LaBelle, was very impressed with Jimmy as he showed very good herding potential.



Jimmy waiting for the sheep to be released from the pen.

Jimmy, stacked and ready for the Herding to begin.




Jimmy is shown here at 10 weeks of age 


At just 13 weeks look how beautiful this puppy's structure is. 












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